The Price of a Parking Ticket

I remember the first day I transfered to Plymouth I got a ticket for parking without a permit. I had transfered late and wasn't in PermitStores database. So I got a $100 ticket. I had to go to the police station use their computer to submit a complaint about how I was new and not entered in as a student yet. Then after all of that time and fustration they never sent me a notice or an email saying that they were going to cancel the ticket. I mean I know they have to pay their employees or make their quota before the end of the month as the joke goes, but I mean a hundred dollars for parking without a permit. Then it cost a hundred dollars for the permit.  Whats wrong with this picture?

So for reminders and to save a hundred dollars in your pocket I linked The Permit Store website. 

One thought on “The Price of a Parking Ticket

  1. Yea it's pretty ridiculous. Like they need to nickle and dime us everywhere we go? I think they need to start lowering the parking permit prices as well. where is the money going to? besides the snow plowing, which there wasn't much of this year, there is no need for us to being that much for a spot on the tar.

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