Say NO to New Home Building

I live in Whitefield, NH. It is a small town with no to much going on. One thing the town has going for it is the beautiful views of the mountains and the woods isolating us. But over the last few years they have been cutting down the woods on my street to build homes. And house after house are being built. And just a couple weeks ago loggers started clear cutting another big chunk of land. It looks ugly.

I like cities with their 20-story buildings and the city lights at night. But I would much rather live in the middle of no where surround by beautiful views. And the thing is, the people building houses on the road don't live in NH they live in another state and that is their 2nd or 3rd home.   

Then they build the perfect pretty house with the matching barn that causes our property taxes to go up. Before the last couple of years when tons of people started building their houses on our road, there use to be just average houses nothing fancy. Nothing real pretty. Then you get the people that cut down the woods that we love and build the house that looks like it just got cut out of a magazine and raises our taxes.

I think that Whitefield should cut back or just stop clear cutting trees and hailing them away and building houses. It is a nice town and their just going to ruin it like everything else does.