Did I just see $2.92?

Yes, in Lancaster, N.H. gas prices for regular gas was $2.92. Once again it is on the rapid rise killing the people making minimum wage and that budget there paychecks. But gas prices always seem to rise rapidly around this time of season. Like heating oil does in the winter. People are starting to travel more due to the nice warm weather and that is when you see gas stations start hiking up their prices.

For years we have been told that we are using up our natural resources and there soon won't be anymore. So what was the difference between last week's amount  of gas and this week's amount of gas. It is ridiculous to have gas prices raise almost 30 cents in a week. This is worse than the stamp that steals more pennies out of our pockets this year.

Higher gas prices I think hurt the economy. Because of the higher gas prices less people will go on trips or travel and spend money. Less people will buy luxury items like going to the mall and spurg with what is left of the paycheck. People will stay at home more and if they do go out traveling they are going to spend a little bit more extra time at work to pay for the rapid increase in gas prices.

I found GasBuddy on the internet. It is a great website where you choose a state in the U.S. and put in a zip code. Then up pops a list of the lowest gas prices in the state along with a list of the highest. When I checked out N.H. lowest prices it came out to be 1) Sam's Club, Concord at $2.71, 2) Hess, Manchester at $2.71, and 3) Citgo, Plymouth at $2.72. The highest gas price in the state was Citgo, Salem at $3.10. The gas prices are updated every 48 hours, so it is a good website to know who will probably have the lowest gas prices.  

So good luck to all of your traveling this summer!

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