I have an issue. Working at a nursing home with colds, flu, and viruses employees try to use precautions to keep bacteria from spreading or infecting the employee. A couple weeks ago a virus went around the nursing home that lasted about 2 days; 1st day throwing up and diarrhea and the 2nd day just felt sick and bedridden. The virus spread about 2 to 3 weeks then finally stopped when daily activities, dining room, and Easter dinner was cancelled until the virus passed. Few of the employees got sick and called out making it hard to work short staffed with this type of problem going on.

Employees are in danger of working with the residents making sure they don't  touch bodily fluids without gloves and what not. But a problem I have with the system is that a resident or a resident's family can refuse the right to write in their file that the resident has AIDs. This is because of resident's rights. This scares me. I think it should be made manditory with even a test done before coming into the nursing home. Yes we should still let them stay there, it is just a precaution to let us now what we are up against to take extra special care of our own safety. I think that anything that employees could get infected by the resident should be in their file.

The nursing home does a good job if an accident happens. A girl that worked at the nursing home upstairs in assisted living cut her finger on a resident's razor. She was concerned and reported it to the nurse. She got to payed her time to go to the hospital take a blood test to see if she was positive for AIDs. She was given her results before she left the hospital. Luckily she was fine.

What do you think about the issue? Is it more important to have resident's rights or is it more important to have caregivers know and get advanced training with a resident with AIDs?