Virginia College Massacre

What kind of world do we live in? Really. Why does someone find the need to go onto a shooting spree to kill innocent people that do want to live. It is sickening.

The controversy I have about the shooting starts with the media. Why did they air Seung-Hui Cho's (the shooter's) video that was mailed to NBC newscast? There was no need to show clips of the movie he mailed to the news station stating why he started the shooting innocent college students.

Just by that movie being aired the shooter got what he wanted. He wanted the world to know he did it and why. Why did the media have to show it? Why did they give him what he wanted? He got his fame on television at the expense of the lives he killed. They aired that on television. With families, friends, children, and other future assassions watching. No one felt better or understood the killing rampage anymore than before they watched those movie clips on the television. The media wanted the publicity for airing their breaking news that caught the world's attention. There was no need of the media to stoop so low as into showing the tape for higher rating and their own benefit.

April 16, 2007 will be a day mourned for the lives that were lost at the Virginia College that day. It will be a day that will be in books and probably someone will make a movie about it for the rememberance. Information about the massacre can already be found in Wikipedia quoting parts of the movie the shooter made. Memories of the shooting should not focus on the shooter. They should focus on the people that lost their lives for no reason at all.