The Impossible to Pass Exams

I bet you all have had those professors that are a hard greater or that are hopeless to please. But what about the kind of professors that give out the impossible tests? The ones where you look at the exam and wonder if your in the right classroom.

Why do some professors feel the need to ask those nitty gritty questions that did not hold any relevance when going over material in class? They say that you are college students. I want to reply "Yes, just college students". I do not have a photographic memory and can not remember 1/2 or 1/4 of the book between exams no matter how much I study.  

Now it is that time again and a midterm is set up for this week. When one of my professors was asked by the class for a review or a studyguide he stated the notes we take are the studyguide. When student started to complain about how most teachers give studyguides or reviews he answered "I am not a teacher, I am a Professor." and later stated that there must be some freshman in the class. What kind of comment is that? I am a junior, but still anything that could help me get a better grade or help me study I am all for it. A few professors I think need to remember that most of the students take 5 classes that also ask for work to be done (expecially during finals). And if that is not a good enough reason, most of us work part-time or full-times to pay for their salary.   

I know that the reason people go to college to get a degree to say they studied a specific major, that leads to good paying jobs. But would it be bad for even an outline to know what the test is going to be focusing on, instead of the 65 pages of scribble for notes.