Supporting the Thin Mints

I heard on the radio today someone complaining about Girl Scouts doing their annual fundraiser of selling their delicious Girl Scout cookies. No it was not the traditional complaint of the girls being to young to go door to door or teaching them how to beg for money. It was a complaint about how the Girl Scouts should be fundraising a healthier good in this obese society.

Now, I was never a Girl Scout but I can tell you. I love my annual boxes of thin mint cookies. They are just so good. I do not see were Girl Scouts selling cookies is such a big problem. If people are that worried about the Girl Scouts fattening society, then let them join the club. I think that people should first find a solution to nutritionalizing the fastfood chain and worry less about the four months out of the year when the Girl Scouts fundraise for a good cause.

Girl Scouts sell about 200 million boxes a year. Thats a lot of cookies, but also a lot of fundraising going to a good cause. The girls sell their cookies and use the profit to go to summer camp or on a trip or even for a specific cause. Their money doesn't go into their bank account for a retirement fund. 

The media has pushed that our society is to obese and that something has to be done about it. So why start changing the countrywide obesity problem with one of the youngest organizations that are innosent to this huge delema. So lets all stand up and support the delicious thin mints. To find out more about them look at the girl scouts official website .

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