The End is Near

The weather is nice. The sun is out and it is hard to keep your mind on school work. School is tying up, all the projects and finals are due in the next couple of weeks. It is the final cram and push time to the end. These are the nights of little or no sleep while studing and finally putting getting to that procrastination that you started in the begining of the class. I wish all of you luck on your finals and on your website presentations.

 For the Seniors Congrats!!!!!! For the rest have a good summer and see you around next year.

Disagree with Stereotypes

I am taking a class, Mind, Brain, and Evolution at Plymouth State University and we have been reading a book about what men look for in a women and vice versa. The book basically says that is a mans  nature to reproduce and that is all he subconciously thinks about. Then the women are only look for men that can give them their resources. I want to say that times have changed since the caveman era. I believe that women are becoming less and less helpless and dependent on men. Why can't it just be an emotional connection between two people instead of the hidden reality. Do people actual base their relationship on the resources their partner can give them? I hope it is more than that.

I also don't like movies where women play the lesser role and are most of the time more vulnerable than men. Why do they do this? 

The Price of a Parking Ticket

I remember the first day I transfered to Plymouth I got a ticket for parking without a permit. I had transfered late and wasn't in PermitStores database. So I got a $100 ticket. I had to go to the police station use their computer to submit a complaint about how I was new and not entered in as a student yet. Then after all of that time and fustration they never sent me a notice or an email saying that they were going to cancel the ticket. I mean I know they have to pay their employees or make their quota before the end of the month as the joke goes, but I mean a hundred dollars for parking without a permit. Then it cost a hundred dollars for the permit.  Whats wrong with this picture?

So for reminders and to save a hundred dollars in your pocket I linked The Permit Store website. 

I have an issue. Working at a nursing home with colds, flu, and viruses employees try to use precautions to keep bacteria from spreading or infecting the employee. A couple weeks ago a virus went around the nursing home that lasted about 2 days; 1st day throwing up and diarrhea and the 2nd day just felt sick and bedridden. The virus spread about 2 to 3 weeks then finally stopped when daily activities, dining room, and Easter dinner was cancelled until the virus passed. Few of the employees got sick and called out making it hard to work short staffed with this type of problem going on.

Employees are in danger of working with the residents making sure they don't  touch bodily fluids without gloves and what not. But a problem I have with the system is that a resident or a resident's family can refuse the right to write in their file that the resident has AIDs. This is because of resident's rights. This scares me. I think it should be made manditory with even a test done before coming into the nursing home. Yes we should still let them stay there, it is just a precaution to let us now what we are up against to take extra special care of our own safety. I think that anything that employees could get infected by the resident should be in their file.

The nursing home does a good job if an accident happens. A girl that worked at the nursing home upstairs in assisted living cut her finger on a resident's razor. She was concerned and reported it to the nurse. She got to payed her time to go to the hospital take a blood test to see if she was positive for AIDs. She was given her results before she left the hospital. Luckily she was fine.

What do you think about the issue? Is it more important to have resident's rights or is it more important to have caregivers know and get advanced training with a resident with AIDs? 

Say NO to New Home Building

I live in Whitefield, NH. It is a small town with no to much going on. One thing the town has going for it is the beautiful views of the mountains and the woods isolating us. But over the last few years they have been cutting down the woods on my street to build homes. And house after house are being built. And just a couple weeks ago loggers started clear cutting another big chunk of land. It looks ugly.

I like cities with their 20-story buildings and the city lights at night. But I would much rather live in the middle of no where surround by beautiful views. And the thing is, the people building houses on the road don't live in NH they live in another state and that is their 2nd or 3rd home.   

Then they build the perfect pretty house with the matching barn that causes our property taxes to go up. Before the last couple of years when tons of people started building their houses on our road, there use to be just average houses nothing fancy. Nothing real pretty. Then you get the people that cut down the woods that we love and build the house that looks like it just got cut out of a magazine and raises our taxes.

I think that Whitefield should cut back or just stop clear cutting trees and hailing them away and building houses. It is a nice town and their just going to ruin it like everything else does.


Did I just see $2.92?

Yes, in Lancaster, N.H. gas prices for regular gas was $2.92. Once again it is on the rapid rise killing the people making minimum wage and that budget there paychecks. But gas prices always seem to rise rapidly around this time of season. Like heating oil does in the winter. People are starting to travel more due to the nice warm weather and that is when you see gas stations start hiking up their prices.

For years we have been told that we are using up our natural resources and there soon won't be anymore. So what was the difference between last week's amount  of gas and this week's amount of gas. It is ridiculous to have gas prices raise almost 30 cents in a week. This is worse than the stamp that steals more pennies out of our pockets this year.

Higher gas prices I think hurt the economy. Because of the higher gas prices less people will go on trips or travel and spend money. Less people will buy luxury items like going to the mall and spurg with what is left of the paycheck. People will stay at home more and if they do go out traveling they are going to spend a little bit more extra time at work to pay for the rapid increase in gas prices.

I found GasBuddy on the internet. It is a great website where you choose a state in the U.S. and put in a zip code. Then up pops a list of the lowest gas prices in the state along with a list of the highest. When I checked out N.H. lowest prices it came out to be 1) Sam's Club, Concord at $2.71, 2) Hess, Manchester at $2.71, and 3) Citgo, Plymouth at $2.72. The highest gas price in the state was Citgo, Salem at $3.10. The gas prices are updated every 48 hours, so it is a good website to know who will probably have the lowest gas prices.  

So good luck to all of your traveling this summer!

The Impossible to Pass Exams

I bet you all have had those professors that are a hard greater or that are hopeless to please. But what about the kind of professors that give out the impossible tests? The ones where you look at the exam and wonder if your in the right classroom.

Why do some professors feel the need to ask those nitty gritty questions that did not hold any relevance when going over material in class? They say that you are college students. I want to reply "Yes, just college students". I do not have a photographic memory and can not remember 1/2 or 1/4 of the book between exams no matter how much I study.  

Now it is that time again and a midterm is set up for this week. When one of my professors was asked by the class for a review or a studyguide he stated the notes we take are the studyguide. When student started to complain about how most teachers give studyguides or reviews he answered "I am not a teacher, I am a Professor." and later stated that there must be some freshman in the class. What kind of comment is that? I am a junior, but still anything that could help me get a better grade or help me study I am all for it. A few professors I think need to remember that most of the students take 5 classes that also ask for work to be done (expecially during finals). And if that is not a good enough reason, most of us work part-time or full-times to pay for their salary.   

I know that the reason people go to college to get a degree to say they studied a specific major, that leads to good paying jobs. But would it be bad for even an outline to know what the test is going to be focusing on, instead of the 65 pages of scribble for notes.

Virginia College Massacre

What kind of world do we live in? Really. Why does someone find the need to go onto a shooting spree to kill innocent people that do want to live. It is sickening.

The controversy I have about the shooting starts with the media. Why did they air Seung-Hui Cho's (the shooter's) video that was mailed to NBC newscast? There was no need to show clips of the movie he mailed to the news station stating why he started the shooting innocent college students.

Just by that movie being aired the shooter got what he wanted. He wanted the world to know he did it and why. Why did the media have to show it? Why did they give him what he wanted? He got his fame on television at the expense of the lives he killed. They aired that on television. With families, friends, children, and other future assassions watching. No one felt better or understood the killing rampage anymore than before they watched those movie clips on the television. The media wanted the publicity for airing their breaking news that caught the world's attention. There was no need of the media to stoop so low as into showing the tape for higher rating and their own benefit.

April 16, 2007 will be a day mourned for the lives that were lost at the Virginia College that day. It will be a day that will be in books and probably someone will make a movie about it for the rememberance. Information about the massacre can already be found in Wikipedia quoting parts of the movie the shooter made. Memories of the shooting should not focus on the shooter. They should focus on the people that lost their lives for no reason at all.

Supporting the Thin Mints

I heard on the radio today someone complaining about Girl Scouts doing their annual fundraiser of selling their delicious Girl Scout cookies. No it was not the traditional complaint of the girls being to young to go door to door or teaching them how to beg for money. It was a complaint about how the Girl Scouts should be fundraising a healthier good in this obese society.

Now, I was never a Girl Scout but I can tell you. I love my annual boxes of thin mint cookies. They are just so good. I do not see were Girl Scouts selling cookies is such a big problem. If people are that worried about the Girl Scouts fattening society, then let them join the club. I think that people should first find a solution to nutritionalizing the fastfood chain and worry less about the four months out of the year when the Girl Scouts fundraise for a good cause.

Girl Scouts sell about 200 million boxes a year. Thats a lot of cookies, but also a lot of fundraising going to a good cause. The girls sell their cookies and use the profit to go to summer camp or on a trip or even for a specific cause. Their money doesn't go into their bank account for a retirement fund. 

The media has pushed that our society is to obese and that something has to be done about it. So why start changing the countrywide obesity problem with one of the youngest organizations that are innosent to this huge delema. So lets all stand up and support the delicious thin mints. To find out more about them look at the girl scouts official website .